Why Study IB
Prepare for College-Level

IB courses allow students to prepare for the workload and develop study skills necessary to be successful in college-level courses. IB courses on high school transcripts show college admissions a student's abilities and experiences in taking academically rigorous courses that are valuable assets to college admissions. 


IB courses focuses on teaching students the process of accumulating knowledge and developing critical thinking skills. Earning the IB diploma includes additional requirements that often center around global awareness and being socially responsible.

Save Time and Money
in College

Students can earn college credit from IB courses, but the amount of credit varies. Some colleges only grant credits to students with IB diplomas while others may grant credits for individual exams.

What Are the Challenges
  • Rigorous Curriculum

    IB courses have a rigorous curriculum that requires students to go above and beyond in their efforts to study and perform well. It could translate to a lot of pressure if not handled correctly.

  • Unbalanced Allocation of Time and Energy

    The IB curriculum requires student to perform well on both humanities and science subjects. Students with a strong preference of a few specific subject might enter the predicament with unbalanced allocation of time and energy on limited subjects.

  • Uncertainty on Teaching Style and Quality

    IB course instruction style and quality differs from teacher to teacher which can greatly impact student‘s readiness for IB exams and IBDP program.

  • The Latitude of IB Curriculum

    The IB curriculum does not only ask students to perform well on academic subjects, but also focuses on fostering creativity, research ability and social responsibility in students.

Why Study with SINICA?
  • Individualized

    Sinica's 1-on-1 tutoring program gives students an individualized learning experience that is intentionally designed to help them target their learning gaps in weak areas.

  • Experienced

    Our instructors graduated from TOP 30 universities with 10+ years of teaching experience on average. Every tutor has undergone a rigorous screening process with subject exams and mock tutoring sessions to ensure they have the academic background and abilities necessary to teach our students well.

  • Visible

    We prioritize teaching our students exam strategies while also tutoring them in their content area needs. We want students to feel confident in both their knowledge and exam-taking abilities.

  • Personal

    We value building relationships with our students to best understand their academic needs and goals, so that we can provide support that is tailored to the way they learn and understand concepts.

  • Persistent

    We understand the importance of scores on student's academic future. We are committed to helping students reach their fullest potential by ensuring higher grades and cultivating outstanding abilities.

Our Approach to IB Test Prep
Establish What You Need
to Review and Learn
Understand Concepts
and Processes
Practice Questions
and Exams
Review, Reflect,
and Repeat
Our Solutions for Each Learning Stage
Current Grade: F — D
Current Grade: C — B
Current Grade: A
Current Grade: F — D

At risk of failing multiple subjects

Overwhelmed by homework

Lack motivation and confidence, needing guidance, support, and supervision

Current Grade: C — B

Often confused in lectures

Face academic challenges and struggle to complete assignments

Experience sudden drops in grades

Receive low grades and test scores due to the lack of deep understanding

Current Grade: A

Generally self-motivated and often strive for better academic performance

Have some difficulties in finishing the homework and could benefit from additional support

Preparing for more advanced courses and want to maintain straight A's

Current Grade: F — D
Find the foundational gaps you have and receive targeted support to address those weak areas. This will strengthen future comprehension profoundly.
Current Grade: C — B
Be open-minded to different approaches that can be used to solve similar problems. Expand your understanding of the concepts, go beyond the basic definitions, and aim for skillful application.
Current Grade: A
Assess your ability and find ways to enrich your understanding and sustain your current grade. Equip you with more advanced materials on the subject, so you are prepared for future challenges.
Key Steps to Achieve High Scores
Meet Some of Our Amazing Teachers
Suzan p.
Suzan p.

B.A.一University of Waterloo

Ph.D.一University of York

Reka R.
Reka R.

B.S.一University of Cambridge

Julie C.
Julie C.

B.S.一University of Connecticut

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Why Students Love Learning with Us?

Sinica Education's IB English tutoring service was incredibly helpful for my daughter. The tutor provided excellent feedback on her writing and helped her refine her critical analysis skills. With their guidance, she was able to achieve a score of 7 on her IB exam.

Sinica Education's IB Spanish tutoring service was exceptional! My son's tutor was a native speaker and was able to provide excellent grammar instruction and conversational practice. Thanks to the guidance, my son achieved a score of 7 on his exam.

I struggled with IB History until I found Sinica Education. My tutor helped me to organize and analyze historical events and develop effective essay writing skills. I achieved a score of 6 on the IB exam.

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