Who We Are

SINICA Education, headquartered in Los Angeles, was established by Harvard graduates in 2013. Throughout the years, SINICA Education provides high-quality online academic instruction and support for students from elementary school through college, in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and China.

Our comprehensive academic services, including 1-on-1 tutoring programs, personalized advising sessions, and online accredited courses, ensure all students reach their academic goals and succeed in any environment.

Milestones of Our Growth
A Letter from Our CEO

Success is about more than studying. lt's about achieving your dreams.
At Sinica Education, we are passionate about helping students achieve their dreams and reach their potential. Co-founded by Harvard graduates, Sinica is at the forefront of innovations in online learning. Knowing the special challenges that international students face in going overseas for their education, we help our students adjust to western cultural norms, improve their English, and stay up to speed in their academic coursework.

Our teachers are at the heart of what we do. As graduates of best universities around the world, our teachers are experienced educators dedicated to excellence. We have an enviable track record of helping our students be the best they can be, and surpassing the goals that we set for them.

We look forward to helping your child reach heights they thought were only possible in their dreams.

Benjamin Levey

PhD, Harvard University
CEO, Sinica Education
President, Santa Monica Academy

Statistics at a Glance
  • 300+


  • 70%

    instructors hold
    a master’s
    or even higher degree

  • 341,200+

    total hours

  • 130+


  • 7,600+

    students all over
    the world

  • 166,700+


  • 2,500+

    students were
    admitted by
    TOP 50 universities

  • 600+

    students achieved
    their TOP 20
    college goals

Why Choose SINICA
  • Personalized
    Study Plan

    All the study plans are catered specifically to each student's needs. Our instructors incorporate a variety of teaching styles to help students achieve their academic goals efficiently.

  • Top-notch
    Instructor Team

    All of our instructors graduated from the TOP 30 universities and are experts in education.

  • All Subjects

    We provide tutoring services for subjects taught in elementary school through college.

  • Flexible Tutoring

    Our instructors provide flexible class scheduling. We offer classes in the afternoons, evenings, or on weekends to accommodate students' availability.

  • Timely

    We provide timely feedback for students and parents about students' performance in each session and their grade updates. We support the students together with their parents.

  • Comprehensive
    Academic Supervision

    We provide comprehensive supervision of students' academic progress, making sure that the students are always on the right track.

Key Steps to Achieve High Scores
How We Tutor
Ap English Language and Composition Class Preview
Class Feedback
Our Students’ Stories

As a high school student, Janet was diligent and her GPA had always been among the best in the grade.She had always regarded the TOP 20 US colleges as her goal. However, after Janet took several challenging coursesin one semester, she got B's on her report card. To avoid further decline, Janet needed professional assistance.

Tutoring Process

After initial assessment, Sinica tutors found that Janet was struggling with complex questions and problem-solvingThat was why she could not do well in math and science.

To end Janet's initial assessments, the tutors followed these steps to round off her academic performance:

● Dissected efficient methods to answer different questions into bite-size information for Janet to digest and remember.
● Personalized a test preparation plan. Every step of the plan was tailored to address Janet’s weak subjects and frequent mistakes. Through repeated practice, Janet perfected her test-taking skills.
● Kept a close tab on small changes in her grade, offered timely advice, and guided Janet to foster a study method that works best for her.

Improvement Results

In Janet's junior and senior years, she worked with Sinica tutors and successfully aced all her classes. In the AP exams,Janet got full marks on five subjects. And her GPA reached 4.36, demonstrating her academic strength andspectacular learning ability. With distinguished grades and active participation in extracurricular activities, Janetshowcased her capability in college application.

Finally, she got an offer from UCLA, one of the most prestigious universities in the world. What a delightful ending toher high school years!


Yang was studying in a top private high school. He scored too low and too frequently on homeworkand exams not long after the opening of the 11th grade. He could not keep up with the school'slearning progress and failed many subjects. As a result, the high school dean gave Yang an academicprobation warning in the critical year of grade 11.

Tutoring Process

After a comprehensive evaluation, Sinica tutors found that Yang has keen thinking in math,physics, and chemistry and decent English language knowledge. However, there was a significantdeviation in the understanding of course content, eventually leading to the probation crisis.

Therefore, our tutors specifically arranged remedial sessions for him twice a week. The tutorsbegan by sorting out each writing task's requirerments and grading criteria and brainstormingwith him on the assignment, They also taught him techniques commonly used in academicwriting to hone his writing skills. As for physics and biology courses, our tutors ensure thatYang is caught up with course materials and confident in taking quizzes and exams throughoutthe semester.

Improvement Results

Force of Nature (Biology) 61 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 78
World History 74 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 82
English 41 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 72
Phwsics 65 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 81

Under the quidance of the tutors, Yang has greatly improved since the beginning of the semester.Teachers in his school praised him at the parent-teacher conference, which significantly boosted hisacademic confidence. He became more active in class participation and more willing to communicatewith his teachers and peers.


Lindsay was a diligent student studying at a prestigious high school. She had always been at the top ofher grade, so she saw admission to the lvy League school as her goal. However, as Lindsay began takingmany AP courses, she struggled to cope with the considerable pressure of study, Hence, she neededacademmic assistance as soon as possible to avoid further declining her grade and taking the pressure ofher shoulders.

Tutoring Process

To get into an Ivey League college, B’s are highly unfavorable. Under the pressure of taking multiple AP courses simultaneously, keeping up with school has become more challenging. After reviewing Lindsay’s case, the Sinica tutors found that her solid foundation was the backbone of her academic success. However, she was struggling with testing skills, especially when it came to more complex problem-solving questions.

Our tutors chose to tackle her issues through the following steps, building her problem-solving skills:

● Critical methods to answer different questions are dissected into bite-size for easy comprehension so that Lindsay can hone her problem-solving skills.
● Personalize the test preparation plan, and lead Lindsay through every stage of the review process. Through repeated practice, Lindsay can continue consolidating and forming a solid memory.
● Keep close attention to the changes in her grade on different subjects, offer timely advice, and guide Lindsay to foster a study method that works best for her.

Improvement Results

AP Physics 1 A- ———————————————— AP Physics 1 A
AP Chemistry B+ ———————————————— AP Chemistry A
AP Biology A- —————————————————— AP Biology A
AP Calculus AB A- ———————————————— AP Calculus AB A
AP Statistics A —————————————————— AP Statistics A
AP Microeconomics A ——————————————— AP Microeconomics A

In those two years, our tutors worked with Lindsay to upkeep her academic performance. As a result, Lindsay got full marks on eight subjects on her AP exams, and her GPA reached an astonishing 4.76. With her excellent academic background and rich extracurricular experiences, Lindsay was admitted to Cornell University. An Ivey League dream come true.


Ashley was studying at a school with an IB program with good academic performance. Her goal was to get into the top 50 universities. Unfortunately, she saw a significant drop in grades after entering the HL in three IB courses. Ashley and her parents realized the problem’s urgency and immediately sought help from some tutoring institutions. However, the result was unsatisfactory due to the former tutors’ inadequacy in teaching IB HL courses.

Tutoring Process

AWith her goal being admission to the top 50 universities, the B’s and C’s on her report card were hindering her chance of admission. Hence, immediate actions were called for. After evaluating her current academic performance,Sinica tutors found that although Ashley had a solid foundation of knowledge, she failed to find a study method that worked for her in HL classes.

Sinica tutors chose to tackle this problem through the following steps:

● Excavate the challenging points of the subject, explain them to students in detail, and make up the gaps in knowledge.
● Keep close attention to the changes in her grade on different subjects, offer timely advice, and guide Ashley to foster a study method that works best for her.
● Personalize the test preparation plan, lead Ashley through every stage of the review process, and ensure she gives her 100% on the exam.

Improvement Results

(Grade improvement) IB Biology 1 (HL) C—————————————— IB Biology 1 (HL) A
IB Global Politics 1 (HL) B- ——————————— IB Global Politics 1 (HL) A
IB English 1 (HL) B ——————————————— IB English 1 (HL) A
IB Calculus 1 (SL) A- —————————————— IB Calculus 1 (SL) A
IB Visual Arts 1 (SL) A ————————————— IB Visual Arts 1 (SL) A

Under the joint efforts of the student and her tutors, Ashley saw a steady improvement in her academic reports. At the end of the semester, she got straight A’s in all her IB classes, including the HL ones she was struggling with. After a comprehensive review process for the IB exam led by her tutors, she got an impressive score of 40 and was offered by the University of California, San Diego!

What Parents Say

As a student, I’ve had the privilege of working with Sinica Education for several years now, and I couldn’t be happier with the support they’ve provided. From tutoring and test prep to college counseling and extracurricular activities planning, Sinica has helped me every step of the way.

Sinica Education has exceeded our expectations in every way. On top of their tutoring service, Sinica has provided our child with the guidance, mentorship, and support they need to thrive as a student and as a person.

Sinica’s dedicated team of educators, counselors, and administrators has provided our child with the tools and support they need to succeed academically and personally.

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