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90+ American School Courses
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A Letter to SMA Parents

Dear parents :

"The times they are a-changin." So wrote Bob Dylan in 1964. lf the Nobel laureate was right then, his words, by now, have proven a vast understatement. Santa Monica Academy has embraced the reality of change, pushing education into the future and transforming it to meet the challenges and opportunities of the new millennium.

We founded Santa Monica Academy on two principles. First, education has to change in tandem with a dynamic, increasingly interconnected global landscape. Second, pushing the envelope on education should not sacrifice academic rigor; in fact, it is the only way to make sure that education meets students where they are and grounds them in the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that they need to succeed in the 21st century. We believe that Santa Monica Academy provides a modern education suited to the modern world. Our students, teachers, and all come to Santa Monica Academy because they recognize something about themselves in our school - an unflagging desire to improve, to inspire, and to innovate.

The challenge of Santa Monica Academy's borderless education is the same as its promise. Each student deserves a truly personalized education that, despite its individuality, gives them educational and professional opportunities anywhere: in an economics doctorate program, a software engineering course in London, a visual arts BFA in Boston, or a public health administration degree in Beijing. Santa Monica Academy's students will be the leaders of the next generation. The only question is this: what will you contribute?


Head of School
Benjamin Levey
Ph.D.-Harvard University

School Features Highlight

All courses are accredited by Cognia, the world's largest well-known school accreditation agency. The credits, transcripts, and graduation certificates obtained by students are recognized by all schools and universities in the United States.

U.S. School

Different levels of courses are offered to students from different age groups and academic levels to meet their academic needs. Students from any academic systems and with any goals can get all-round extra points here.

Faculty Team

Our team consists of top American school teachers with an average teaching tenure of more than 10 years. They are all experienced in helping students reach their full potential and achieve their academic goals.

Teaching System

Our rigorous syllabus ensures the authentic American school academic standards. We use Canvas teaching management system to integrate various academic materials and comprehensively supervise the progress of each student.

Study Plan

To meet the needs of students with different academic abilities, we formulate customized schedule and study plans to increase students’ academic competitiveness and maximize their academic potential.

Devoted to
Online Education

Based on years of education experience, we have a deep understanding of all kinds of academic challenges and problems. We will always and continuously provide students with the best education resources through advanced online technology.

What You Will Get from SMA
  • A Wide Spectrum of
    Course Offerings

    We provide students with a wide range of courses to help them achieve excellent results, greatly enhance their competitiveness, and cultivate their academic interest in an all-round way!

  • Improved

    We lead students to fully grasp the content of the US school curriculum system. We also help students do well on multiple AP exams to greatly improve their weighted GPA and grade rankings.

  • US School Credits
    and Transcripts

    Students can receive credits and transcripts that are recognized by all high schools and universities in the United States. We help students make up for their academic weaknesses, highlight their strengths, and eventually reach their goals!

  • US School

    Students can also obtain a U.S. school diploma upon fulfilling the graduation requirements. This will help students stand out in the rigorous competition of college admissions and get into their dream schools.

Key Advantages
  • Individualized

    We tailor comprehensive academic plans according to a student's individual academic characteristics and needs.

  • Teaching

    We teach students how to learn. While covering specific subject matter, we guide them on how to approach different types of assignments and assessments.

  • Develop

    We focus on cultivating students' comprehension abilities, foundational for success in both their academic work and future life.

  • Inspire

    We guide students to actively explore knowledge, seek truth and form critical-thinking abilities.

  • Help Students
    Reach Potential

    In addition to reviewing the basics with students, we help them reach their potentials and achieve breakthroughs.

  • Practice

    We cultivate students' innovative spirits, abilities, and personalities.

  • Encourage

    We boost students' academic confidence and encourage students to continuously challenge themselves.

  • Respect

    We respect students' individual differences and create conditions for the healthy development of their personalities.

Experience Our Classes Now
Outstanding Students

The accredited courses at SMA are taught by knowledgeable and experienced teachers. The comprehensive curriculum ensures that we students are well-prepared for college and beyond.

Thanks to SMA, I was able to take more AP classes outside my school offering and brought up my weighted GPA to 4.5!

I've been incredibly impressed with the quality and rigor of SMA accredited courses. The experienced teachers and comprehensive curriculum provide me with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in my academic and future professional pursuits.

Admission Requirements

Students who wish to enroll in Santa Monica Academy should meet the following criteria.
If you have any questions, please consult with an admission specialist.

Currently attending elementary school, middle school, or high school

No prerequisites for regular level courses. Students who wish to take AP courses must meet prerequisites and grade requirements, or pass corresponding academic assessments, to ensure they are suitable for the rigor of AP courses.

Must complete the application with supporting documents, such as current or previous transcripts, teachers' comments, etc.

Application Process

Obtain More Essential
School Information

We are eager to tell you more about SMA. After submitting the form at the bottom of this page, our admissions specialist will contact you to answer your questions about our school.


Fill out SMA
Application Form

After confirming your intention to apply, please fill out the SMA online application form.


Wait for
Further Instructions

After a preliminary review of your application materials, a SMA admissions specialist will contact you directly if we need supplementary materials based on your specific course requests.



After the preliminary review, an admissions specialist of SMA will contact you to obtain official transcripts and formulate course plans to ensure that you are eligible to award high school credits or graduation certificates after completing the requirements.



After meeting the above requirements, students will be admitted to SMA. Classes will start once the entrance assessment, student registration, and tuition payment are completed.

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        This is just a starting point. What we give our students are methods for independent learning, comprehensive skills, and the courage to face difficulties. We firmly believe that the students of Santa Monica Academy will attain great achievements and become better individuals in their future studies and life! We look forward to cultivating leaders in all fields and letting the world hear the voice of the new generation!

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