Sinica Education provides online educational content and academic support to Chinese students from 7th grade through college in the United States and in China.  Using online tools, we provide online courses, academic advising, one-on-one teaching and other academic support to ensure our students' success.  


Everyone on our team is passionate about education.  Our teachers strive to help students achieve their dreams and reach their academic potential.  Our teachers are graduates of America's best universities, and many hold advanced degrees in their subject areas of expertise.


Online One-on-One Instruction

Our experienced instructors provide tailored one-on-one solutions based on students' academic needs and English level. Providing instruction both in Chinese and English, we offer year-long instruction programs to students from kindergarten through high school, at community colleges and at four-year universities.  

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Online Small Group Enrichment Classes

We provide year-around small group enrichment classes that target students in different age groups. Whether it is a language arts class for 2nd graders in China, or college-level academic courses for high school seniors in the US, Sinica custom designs the curriculum to suit students' academic needs. 


Academic Planning

Getting into a top boarding high school, a highly ranked university or graduate school requires years of careful planning and academic achievement. Our team designs multi-year classes, academic plans, and extracurricular activities that help students to challenge themselves to achieve their academic goals. 

Exceeding the Expectations of Parents and Students


Over the past several years, we have helped many Chinese students across the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand to successfully improve their grades, challenge themselves academically, and get into the boarding high schools and universities of their dreams.  We have achieved a very high rate of satisfaction among both students and parents.